Imagine an ice flume with seven outlets delivering you to different parts of hell.  Now, my novel writing has taken me into theme park design. I always saw this scene as an eccentric’s mansion estate but many eccentrics turn their estates into private theme parks, so I’m still working in the same realm. I’ve also been using the seven deadly sins, in this chapter, so the seven heads of the Hydra fit well. I’m rearranging Dante’s version of hell a bit

I put Marvel’s Iceman in this pic because that is what I see in my vision, so it is an icy, tapeworm version of the Hydra. The word, “bridge,” fits for some of my needs but it will act as a flume or slide. I use the log ride pic because those palm trees add a touch of Florida.

Someone should consider this seven outlet design; a problem with a one exit design means the ride has to shut down when a problem at the exit occurs. My idea gives you six more exits that continue to work and you may obtain an interesting look. I thought about it because I needed an interesting look for my chapter’s observer; I put him high up for a reason… I’m sure some rich dude will take my idea and never give me any credit or reward, but if people haven’t noticed, American ethics has slid downhill.

The bottom left image is a modified Gustave Dore. The original came from Wikipedia and did the coloring.

The top right pic also comes from Wikipedia.

The Iceman has its credits on my Ice Ice Xy post

Title: View showing log flume ride at the Busch Gardens amusement park – Tampa, Florida. Image Number: COM01254 Year: 1973


Series Title
General Note
  • Stanley Falls Flume, the park’s first water ride, opened in 1973 in the section of the park known as “Stanleyville”.
Photographer/Personal Author — Additional Corporate Creator

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