Small flocks of visitors, from Poland, came to a small post I made about the, “your goose is cooked,” phrase that we hear on occasion in America. Someone requested verification of this fact on a Polish forum. I read and am relatively certain the phrase came from the burning of Jan Hus (his last name translates to goose.)

John Hus by William Dallmann found on Project Gutenberg has the quote below:


He was stripped of his clothes, his hands roped behind his back, his neck chained to the stake, wood and straw were piled around him neck-high. They say as an old woman brought her few fagots to the funeral pile, Hus cried out: “O sancta simplicitas!”—O holy simplicity. Another story goes Hus said: “Today you are burning a goose (hus in Bohemian); in a hundred years will come a swan you will not burn.”

I wasn’t at the burning, so I can’t personally verify the quote. The “cooked goose” phrase may have change over the yeas because it sounds like an Atheistic, “no hope” phrase. The Hus quote above promises a rebirth. The author calls Martin Luther the returning swan, so he sort of jumped from a Christian afterlife to a reincarnation type allusion.

When I say Protestant by some definitions isn’t a religion; I mean, any who rose up against the Catholic Church in protest , can fall under the definition. Hus falls more closely to the Orthodox Church, but you can also call it one of the first churches. Pagans, Atheists, and may others rose up; we don’t normally include them as Protestants but they protested, too.

“Catholic” actually means “universal” but it didn’t mean everyone was welcome to join – it meant everyone must join. When I bash Catholics I refer to this era, but even Catholics used the term heresy – just like a Jihadist.

A Catholic lawyer has filed heresy charges against Sen. John Kerry with the Archdiocese of Boston, accusing the Democratic presidential .

www.washingtontimes.com Jun 30, 2004

This fool – Kerry – still calls himself Catholic and people still vote for him. I do not apologize for using the term “fool” because religions using the term “heresy” seem medieval. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor brags about her Catholic superiority.

Don’t you feel comfy that only Jews and Catholics sit on the Supreme Court of a formerly Protestant country? Have you read out the Ethiopian Jews in Israel recently?

Also take a look at the Pew Polls and more Jewish hatred of Protestants than the often stereotyped anti-Semitism.  Everyone grab your guns because the matches are probably lit.


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