I doubt many people favor doctors getting their credentials through sexual favor. The sex act doesn’t trouble me as long as it is consensual and safe but trading sex for promotion does happen. Mainstreaming gay males worries me a bit for the same reason. Men probably still lead the sex addict race, so males will probably cause more sex trouble in the workplace. I guess, I prefer an honest whore (with apologies to honest prostitutes).

I don’t know if Lewinsky garnered favors for sexual favors, but  it still seems better if Clinton went for a security checked prostitute. Business needs to separate from pleasure. Our medical system is so bad, the pharmaceutical industry must use sex to sell.

Deborah Jeane Palfrey (right) was the woman known as the Washington Madame; she grew up in Florida and died here. I use her as part of my courtesan trivia. Hookers have a long history in Washington; I wonder if many shared a similar fate. Officially Palfrey’s death was a suicide but of course there are murder rumors which are conceivably true.

I use a Dante’ hellish technique to depict what I think of sexual business favors, in one of my chapters. I believe a legalized version of Palfrey may be better than a Lewinsky relationship. Both pics came from Wikipedia.


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