The narcissist is, “frozen to the I.” The dictator and many religions (ahem — Roman Catholics) try to freeze people to an I. Hierarchy is a bureaucratic tower. In, the English language, a straight line can represent or it can represent the number one. We also use the phrase, “:looking out for number one.” Straight line thinking is  rigid and narcissistic.

Robert Frost made a poem, “Fire and Ice;” George R.R. Martin named his series, “Song of Fire and Ice,” after the poem. I see the “Game of Thrones,” title as the historical elements; fire and ice are the symbolic elements.

I use Gustave Doré’s depiction of Satan (from the Divine Comedy) as my vote for an icy abode. Anyone who believes in god should recognize the world is not rigid. Christ, as a symbol, represents self-sacrifice – which a narcissist does not do. Buddhists and Hindus also see rigidity as a problem.

When I put the seven deadly sins into my novel; I saw “pride” as the seventh and most deadliest but I never considered the order to the rest.. Seeing sloth as chaos, changed my mind.Chaos and rigidity may easily be seen as equally dangerous but I still see an icy abyss as a devil’s best fit.