Body parts get almost equal treatment in the Game of Thrones. Maybe some feel slighted due to the lack of penis shots but I’m sure many guys will send you their pictures; if you want. Theon Greyjoy is a guy and no one got enraged about his treatment but now the Feminists cry foul when Sansa gets raped.

History is filled with such brutality; George R. R. Martin and HBO just put it into fictional fantasy. If you watched it before then why does the rape scene change much. I’m sorry; the Feminist response seems irrational. They do guy-guy sex scenes which I’m not into but I don’t see much reason to get enraged. I do see homosexuality as a complex social issue; which, may result in even more swaps of sexual favors for grades or financial rewards but the act sexual itself isn’t doesn’t alarm me.

Feminists with opposing views became an issue in my novel and Game of Thrones shares a similar theme of power mongering. A change in my novel has forced me to try a so something than I originally planned. Martin makes note of the Butterfly effect when talking about the directions the HBO has diverged from his book. Anyone making creative attempts should see this effect.


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