A philosopher gives appreciation to religion in, I See Satan Fall Like Lightning. I’m sure some religious people will still take issue with what René Girard says but I find many of his views similar to mine. Christ as a symbol is wonderful; the problem is in the details. People fight over such things as the Trinity. Only a god can know the details, so believing you know such details means you worship Narcissus.

Girard appears to branch off from Baruch Spinoza. Einstein said he believed in Spinoza’s god; which, means he did not believe a god was actively involved in lives but did not rule out the possible existence.

Atheist antagonism toward religion grates me because it is pointless and pushing people towards nihilism seems apocalyptic in itself. Seeing Christ as a symbol of sacrifice is not a bad thing. Girard sees value religion and notes the importance of religion in human development.

I ran into Girard’s book while trying to figure out something for my novel. Satan’s fall is one of my themes, in this chapter I have in rewrite. I appear to have cleared another stumbling block. Now, I’m decorating the tower, in my scene.

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