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I believe some are born gay; some are just born narcissists. I would suggest dumping “gay pride” for “gay acceptance.” I doubt I’m the only one wondering about some in the LGBT community. I’m sorry Bruce Jenner or whatever you go by now; you live in a narcissist wonderland – how can anyone tell if Jenner just wants to compete for attention make money? Supposedly celebrities are trying to make money for the Red Nose charity, but many ways, commercial advertising is a tax on everyone; including the poor, to make celebrities richer.

The gay issue just isn’t something I’m going to wrap my political beliefs around. I wish both parties would quit playing groupism games.by using hot-button issues.

Ellen and Portia had a meeting with Obama; just after the Japanese earthquake and nuclear crisis. I’m sorry if I saw Japan’s problems, as more important. I’m sure the appointment was set, but there is this thing called “political optics” and it failed my eye test. I hate when politicians play with hot button issues. Have a televised debate and a vote on such issues rather than mixing it into political platforms.

Quit asking me  to see the gay thing as a top political issue and I’m sure I will get more accepting. Think about what I said about changing the “gay pride” to “gay acceptance.” I suspect many gays see my point. Listen to my point and I will listen to yours. Don’t be a narcissist.

I just wrote a scene with a gay pride parade and if my book ever gets published; I want some clarification in my thought processes. I don’t hate gays; I accept some just are, but I‘m sorry if I don’t see things as clear-cut and hold reservations. Pride was the keyword I was aiming at; I wouldn’t have used gays in the scene if not for the pride attached.


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