Heresy is deviating from religious norm of a region’s dominant force. Protestants protested against the Roman Catholic Church; mainly due to indulgences. Eventually, due to erosion of power, the Vatican stopped enforcing indulgence penalties, but never humbled themselves to admit the Martin Luther was right and the past Papal regimes were wrong. Because Catholics no longer pay indulgences they are now in-line with the heretics they persecuted,

I use a logo from Heresy Records because they are proud heretics, but made special efforts to find Protestants which used the term heresy (link to the page.) For a Protestant to use the term, “heresy,” is extra stupid (sorry Australia). Other than the Australian incident, Heresy Records listed John Calvin and the Roman Catholic Church as accusers of Michael Servetus. Many Protestants branched off of John Calvin’s version of religion, but Protestant isn’t or never was a single religion. I laughed when I read Flannery O’Connor’s biography; the Vatican must do some serious brainwashing; she seemed to equate John Calvin to a Protestant saint – Protestants do not have saints and I doubt many preach Predestination.

(One observation I had about Predestination is that it sounds like genetic predisposition; which most people probably agree with, to a certain extent.)

I used the cover, from the movie adaption of George Orwell’s 1984, to depict religious brainwashing. People see Big Brother as a government but Big Religion is just as sinister. I make no apologies for bashing the Roman Catholic Church because a large centralized religion poses a thereat to liberty. Roman Catholic religion = Big & Centralized while Protestant is small and decentralized – Which do you think is more likely to threaten liberties when an “ivory tower” mentality sets in?

Tracking down Protestant accusals of heresy seemed daunting so I found the Heresy Records info useful. We both find “accusals of heresy” insane but I’m sure being an Irish company, Heresy Records had more incentive to find Protestant examples. I’m at least three generations away from my Catholic ancestors, which probably exist five generations away. We, probably, both show some bias but I hope the bold print in the paragraph above shows the reasoning for my Catholic bashing. Any complaints — think about those indulgences.

I may put clocks striking thirteen into this scene I’m creating to allude to Orwell’s’ 1984. The ivory tower, I’m creating, alludes to the Catholic church but I’m still decorating.I will probably allude to Muslims, due to their accusals of heresy; as well. I’m curious how many Scientologists broke off from the Catholic Church. The two most famous, John Travolta and Tom Cruise, grew up Catholic. Scientology hates Psychiatry and the Fort Hood shooter was an Islamic psychiatrist – I see something – I just haven’t got the complete picture, yet. I’m to the point I hate all doctors, so I’m not sure I can’t look down on Tom Cruise’s rant on psychiatry. Big Pharma is probably the big problem, but celebrities and the rest of the media have helped make Big Pharma a bigger monster.

Servetus, who I mentioned earlier, fought with the other two Christian groups about the Trinity – which I find as silly. I can appreciate religious symbols, but I don’t see how anyone other than a god can know the details. Belief in god is not the problem; it is the narcissism in belief which causes the problem.

Heresy Records is an Irish Independent Label which specializes in Early music, Traditional Irish music, World music, Contemporary music and a synthesis of these genres. They do their own cover art and kudos to the logo.


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