Catholicism has always tried to keep a leash on feminine sexuality. Read about Pre-code Hollywood and you will see Roman Catholics put the clamps on sexuality. I found a quote on Wikipedia’s Anais Nin web page, by the Communist activist Gonzalo More; which I found humorous :

She was “a true Catholic,” More told her. “You love the sin and absolution and regrets and sinning again.

I think it is safe to say the Communist activist was a former Catholic because there is often a Catholic-Communist link and a Catholic to Atheist link, the Catholic to dictator link and from a quick browse about Scientology – I suspect many came from Catholic upbringings.

Does a tight religious leash create a stronger leash fetish? Studies have shown the Catholic virginity fetish has caused many teens to use alternative holes. The Catholics history with heresy makes the Irish vote for gay marriage, sort of funny. In the olden days the Vatican would have burned all of Ireland at the stake. The Catholic Church burned Protestants over what was primary issue of indulgences which they eventually stopped enforcing.

I’m thinking about using Anais Nin for a scene in my novel for various reasons. She had sexual relationships with her father and her Freudian psychiatrist. I have a hankering to play the Scientology hate of psychiatry against Nin’s psychiatrist and the Islamist psychiatrist who our American military put in charge of mental health until he became known as the Fort Hood shooter.

I found William S. Burroughs’ experience Scientology (Ali’s Smile: Naked Scientology) interesting. He found his early experiences freeing, but he felt an authoritarian control in latter experiences. If I’m right about a high percentage of Catholics among the Scientology ranks; I can’t help but wonder if they search for someone else to hold the leash. Madonna, Lady Gaga, and other female celebrities are former Catholics and have shown a fondness for BDSM imagery. I just makes me wonder.

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