The Roman Catholics burned & beheaded Protestants when they left the Church over indulgences (there were over issues but indulgences were the main issue). You won’t find the refusals to pay indulgences on the  “big sin” list and you don’t find them on any list anymore, except the discontinued list. Homosexuality was on their big sin list. Can Ramsay Bolton be enough of an upgrade over Tomás de Torquemada to make up the difference between indulgences and homosexuality.

I’m generally neutral about homosexuality, but I think some issues need debate. But I can’t help, but get a few laughs over this humiliating defeat of the Catholic Church. I plan to depict the Church as a fish-headed ivory tower. The fish head odes the Pope’s mitre (hat) and the Mesopotamian god, Dagon. The “ivory tower effect” caused problems for Joe Paterno and Penn State, Florida State’s Jameis Winston  problem may or may not come from the “ivory tower effect” but the Vatican is a prime example of an ivory tower.

I plan to refer to a character in my novel, as Torque, and the humorously coincidental name of Torquemada is too good to pass up. A dark sense of humor about these things is the only way to jeep sane when people still toss around the charge of heresy.

Ramsay Bolton is the biggest psychopath, on the Game of Thrones; when many psychopaths appear on the show; it takes talent to lead the way.

[Rafael Sabatini wrote the book, Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition. I’ve read Sabatini’s fiction but I only browsed this work of non-fiction. I read more about the conquistadors, I haven’t focused on individual Inquisitors.


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