Diana Canova, from TV’s Soap, comes from an old Florida family. Canova’s ancestors came to New Smyrna, as indentured servants; she comes from a cultural group called the Minorcans. The Mediterranean island, belongs to Spain, but it once belonged to the Minoan culture; hence, the connection to King Minos – the snake tailed guy who Dante Alighieri used to send souls to their appropriate place in Hell.

Minos also had a horny wife, who wanted to leap on a bull. King Minos had Icarus create a bull for his Queen to ride and she rode it so well – she gave birth to the Minotaur. I already did a post on Bull Leaping; which, comes from the Minoan culture at Knossos. Below the Palace of Knossos, you will find a Snake Room – which should help explain the snake tail of King Minos.

My novel involves a mix of history, mythology and trivia. Now back to Diana Canova, whose ancestors owe a debt to mine, a fellow Catholic from the era, who held much influence. Canova moved on from her Catholic and Minoan roots to join Scientology; which, she separated from due to their continual askance of money. A couple of my recent post mention Scientology and Catholicism is often a subject, so making reference to Canova seems a good choice, for my particular purpose.

I will Canova’s semblance, in a risqué way; which fits many roles she has played. Her song from The First Nudie Musical would fit well on my soundtrack, where she does some Hispanic mispronunciation of “It’s just so big.”

Canova’s husband, Elliot Scheiner, has Grammy awards from working with Beyoncé the Eagles; so I imagine the hold wealth and influence. The Eagles have a couple of members from Florida and I use them earlier in the chapter.