Influence of Mushrooms


In my first chapter, I make a Minnie Mouse reference and it alludes to the similarity of her outfit with magic mushrooms. Disney uses dancing mushrooms in Fantasia, so mushrooms may have influenced Minnie’s dress. Alice in Wonderland also makes use of magic mushrooms and I’m sure they pop up in other places.

You got to admit it is funny, how these psychedelic mushrooms look. My writing has to border on trippy because the main character is under the influence of drugs. My allusions and references help add a bit of wackiness; they also add literary depth. I try to stay comprehensible, but I’m sure I make short trips outside the lines.


The Huguenot’s Wife

The Astronaut's Wife

The two stars from, The Astronaut’s Wife, come from Huguenot heritage. My novel often alludes to Johnny Depp and his movies and I believe Charlize Theron will get similar treatment. I prefer people with Florida connections; for instance, Depp grew up in Florida. Theron only has connections through her movies, but some of her movies interest me greatly.

News sources say Theron called it quits with Sean Penn. Coincidentally, I changed my main character’s name to Penn and the character I plan to line up with Theron happens to have a relationship with my Penn. If Theron’s free, I guess I can offer to marry her and give her proper connection to Florida. I think I have made similar offers before and no one has rushed to accept, but maybe M. Theron will find me fascinating.

Theron’s role as Aeon Flux sealed my desire for her. The movie, Æon Flux failed to capture an interesting concept, but I can’t blame Theron for the failure. Aeon emanates from God in early Christian Gnosticism. Einstein favored Spinoza’s views and those views share much with the Gnostic notions of Valentinus.

I favor Valentinus’ Gnostic over where Irenaeus took Christianity. I see Irenaeus as more villain than saint and consider the earlier forms of Christianity as less corrupted. the metaphysics of Christian Gnosticism does not conflict with science; the way modern-day Christianity often does. I can’t say Huguenots preferred Gnostic views, but they without a doubt believed Christianity took a wrong path under certain Bishops and Popes. Dante Alighieri also saw the same thing.

No, I haven’t forgotten Charlize Theron – her movie Prometheus has similar metaphysical ideas as Gnosticism and Aeon. Christian Gnosticism is female friendly, so maybe Feminists would have never existed if Christianity stayed on the Gnostic path. Valentinus studied under Theudas, who studied under St. Paul the Apostle. Original Muslim philosophy probably more Gnostic friendly, as well.

Theron has other movies that interest me so I may overlook her weak connection to Florida. She did produce and star in Monster, based on the Florida serial killer — Aileen Wuornos.

The Crow and the Sirens of the Sea

crow's nest Pearson Scott Foresman-horz

in the epic of Gilgamesh, Utnapishtim sent out three birds to find land after the great flood. First, he sent out a dove, then a swallow, and lastly – a raven, the cousin to crow. The story says the raven never came back. The Sirens in mythology have wings, even though most associate them with mermaids. What if the raven that never came back spawned the Sirens? Ravens and crows don’t have sweet voices; but in mythology, ravens and crows are shape-shifting tricksters. Can we cast the winged tricksters as the beautiful Sirens?

I attach many allusions to a female character, in  my first chapter, and mermaid and raven allusions lead the list. I call the character Honey, as in the “land of milk and honey.” Noah also sent out a raven after the flood — another search for a land of milk and honey. The Norse used ravens in search for land and Odin’s ravens may derive from this practice.

The Inuit goddess of the sea, Sedna or Sanna, who links to the raven and to sea creatures. I call my character Honey, throughout the book but I may create a truer identity and base it on Sedna (Sanna).
The Japanese have demons called the Tengu, who may have links to the Inuit deity. The Tengu have characteristics which interest me. One Tengu demon is depicted as a raven spirit. The Japanese call the Amanita muscaria mushroom — beni-tengu-take. This mushroom is also called Raven’s Bread.” The Norse, the Hindus, and others hint at throwing magic mushrooms into cauldrons to make magic elixirs. I see common threads but I also see many loose threads.
Bran the Blessed translates to, ”the blessed crow.”  Brân is a giant, so you can call him Big Raven. Native American lore has a character known as Big Raven, and he has tales involving whales.  Brân also has a famous cauldron, does the throw Raven’s bread into it? Look up Kvasir and you will see how Kvasir’s blood is mixed with honey to create the Mead of Poetry, after two dwarves kill Kvasir. Odin steals away the Mead of Poetry; which, parallels the Sanskrit tale about the theft of Soma in the Hindu world.

I’m sure no one follows my logic but these things fit into my novel and the character, I call Honey is an important piece of my puzzle.

Both images come from the Archives of Pearson Scott Foresman donated to the Wikimedia Foundation. The Crow’s Nest seemed an apt image for this topic.

Balancing Jesus


I disagree with Atheists trying to get rid of Christian symbolism. Jesus represents sacrifice for humanity. Censoring symbols seems wrong to me. I see elements of balance in Jesus, but the Yin-Yang symbol excels in balance. Do these symbols need to compete? Can’t they harmonize. You see harmony in many Christian teachings and Buddhists hold harmony in even higher regard.

In Greek mythology, the goddess Nemesis opposes Pride, a symbol of Satan. Only Pride’s imbalance is bad.

Before They Kill You


The Pope says these people kill people — they represent income inequality. The top two are the Pope’s men. All four favored the Democrats and Obama. You can look up the net worth and salaries on the net. Commercial advertising made all these people mega-wealtht, so consumers paid their salaries; even very poor consumers. Celebrities do need money for security and this post may have them bulking up on security, for all I know. I’m more frustrated by the hypocrisy, than hateful, even though Chris Matthews  has aimed hate at me and Brian Williams is a symbol of narcissism – so yes they should worry if I’m near them.

I was a quiet kid and struggled doing interviews and oral presentations. I told The Navy, doctor and superiors ignored someone with an obvious problem. I could not function to do the oral presentations , required in the Navy’s Nuclear power program. I got reamed out by superiors and demoted for dereliction of duty. In High School , my English teacher asked who is the shyest person in the class and lucky me, everyone pointed at me. Trust me shy people feel uncomfortable when everyone pots at them. But the point is – did evaluators in superior positions commit greater dereliction of duty than I did. The media people above probably never got pointed out as the shyest person in class.

Is skin color or gender, a supreme detriment to Oprah I this era? She is worth about $3 billion dollars. My Spanish Catholic ancestor owned slaves. History books show he had an African-American wife and kids. It appears the Black wife died, and my Spanish ancestor married the White woman who served as the tutor for the deceased wife’s kids. A book says this White woman treated the her adopted kids and fairly; I wasn’t there but I can point to other references that seem to confirm this point. I seem to drift off topic, but should people point fingers at me and call me racist because I have Southern mannerisms and don’t act overtly friendly.

Do you expect overt friendliness from the shy kid? A guy at a Walmart in a Black neighborhood must have because he yelled racist. I’m positive Oprah’s dogs get better medical treatment than our military ever gave me.  I struggle with job interviews and networking, I ‘m not the rich White guys above. Chris Matthews  aimed hate at me because I have white skin and obviously just being born is the South makes me a racist. I attack the Catholic Church because I see Big Religion suffers from an Ivory Tower perspective, just like Chris Matthews. Catholics  wore White crosses and massacred people who want some religious freedom, read about the Huguenots. Sonia Sotomayor bragged about her gender and heritage when she took appointment as a Supreme Court Justice. Only Catholics and Jews sit on the Supreme  Court, in this country built on religious freedom. She also said things I consider as hate speech.

Who is discriminated against? Am I committing hate speech? Did Michelle Obama say things that many Whites might define as hate speech? Are white Hicks villains – see Elias Hicks and ask who did more for Blacks than any rich Black person in America. Is the Pope right when he says these people are killing people. Killing the rich media people who take from the poor and use vast amounts of natural resources seems heroic. Should we take aim at the people and their multiple and wasteful  mansions. Maybe the Pope is right the President and his rich celebrity friend are evil monsters. Maybe everyone should kill me, I’m shy and not worth as much as Oprah’s dog.

Oh praise, I leaders who put the Fort Hood shooter in  charge of mental health. Great evaluations. Kick me again, I was born a retarded mute mutt, in the South where obviously the soil corrupts the soul.

Rich Liberal Roman Catholic Elitist Gets Second Chance To Get Richer


Poor Brian Williams has to do an apology tour, with interviews by his fellow company men. The Pope said the rich, like Williams, are basically the root of all evil. Roman Catholic and NBC cohort will defend Williams, but of course, Matthews is worse than Williams.  Will the Pope excommunicate  Matthews and Williams, who the Pope calls a danger to mankind? The Democrats are supposed to be for the poor and environment, will Democrats disavow these men that the Pope calls evil. Will NBC support Williams, Mathews and the Pope?  Chris Matthews tingle for Obama and these are the President’s men and the Pope says they are evil.

Republicans are jerks but many, many Democrats have Brian William’ credentials — hypocrite, liar, and elitist narcissist.

I still don’t see how anyone can look at historical records and prefer the Catholic Conquistadors to the Pilgrims. Choose some random people in the news media, I suspect you will find Roman Catholics and Jews dominate the political arena, in a once Protestant country.

Roman Catholic Martin O’Malley wants gun control, but look at what Catholic run governments have done in the past, and ask yourself if you feel comfortable with Martin O’Malley who stuck with the Roman Catholics during the pedophile cover up that tried to bypass secular governments. Look at those Native Americans being fed to the dogs. Look at the St. Bartholomew’s Massacre. Look at Hitler. You got a lot of Catholic going on. O’Malley want his people in control and have the guns. Personally, I‘m sure I can cause mass havoc without a gun. I suggest a more religiously diverse government  and less elitist media before a Mark O’Malley takes control.

I wish Brian Williams, his family and NBC my worst wishes. Why does Allison Williams have an acting career = her daddy and the rich get richer philosophy. Read about the Mayflower Compact and how it led to religious freedom and look what Catholics do. NBC, I suggest you dump Williams and stop having political panels filled with just Jews and Catholics. I don’t care if you put Buddhists, Hindu’s or whatever on air but suggest you take this suggestion seriously.

Chaos versus control runs thru my mind, in this section of my writing. Dictators and Catholics want control The Inquisition was about control of religious belief just like the jihadist movement. Chaos isn’t a saint, but I’m not sure it is worse than 1984 control that seems to  rule the media. I like the goddess, Nemesis. Feminists don’t thrill me either, but I see Nemesis as Humanist rather than the  crazy, control freak, Feminist type. I don’t mind women in power, but a Feminist differs from a humanist.

The Pope talks about income inequality, but Catholics countries tend to have greater inequality. The French Huguenots were the middle class and see what Catholics did to them. Protestant countries favor having a strong middle class, Catholic countries as The US is becoming has the rich elitists throwing heroic alms at the peasants. You may like Brian Williams throwing alms to you; I rather break his nose.

All Hail Irrational Religion

Pope_Francis_Korea_Haemi_Castle_19a.jpgThe media is heroizing the Pope again, but think about the condom. Yes, abortion is a horrific topic but the Catholic church can’t even see the freaking obvious about birth control. More people = more trash. Even spreading the wealth to impoverished nations will increase the trash created by mankind. The idiotic media hailing then Pope fails to bring up the obvious. Popes don’t serve god or the people; they serve their ivory tower.

If the Pope wants to serve humanity; he should kill Catholicism. People will have sex. You may get a teen to save her hymen, but it just leads use of alternative holes. When Popes or dictators put in hard rules without thought human nature they cause more problems.

I agree man cause much distress to mother nature, but praising a political move; which, is what this is — is outrageous. I hate both political parties equally. I favor intelligent environmentalism; not political theater. The media executives should be executed  for the way they herd people rather than have intelligent debate. Is it any surprise Brian Williams is Roman Catholic, most news media in America comes from the State religions of Catholicism and Judaism. Yes, Orwell’s Big Brother is here. Sorry, but obvious political theater puts me into a rage.

The Catholic Conquistadors took the gold from formerly wealthy countries — this another obvious observance. Black Catholics in Santo Domingo push out the Black Catholic Haitians. Praising the Pope is praising insanity. If Catholics practiced responsible birth control; it would make these countries easier to help and cause less waste.

Will he turn off heating and air conditioning? Will he shut down churches which favor style over efficiency. Is he just playing the media game?

Roman Catholic and Liberal, Brian Williams will keep raking in money just like most of the media praising the Pope. The Pope should go K— himself.?

Da Vinci’s Locket

The babe in the womb; Leonardo da Vinci

I had lockets on my mind, before seeing this image, and I had a mind melt. Funny thing, the image followed me and I saw it in an opening shot of a video. Google algorithms play matchmaking games, so I can’t tell the odds in coincidence, anymore. I keep looking over my shoulder to see if I have a ghost writer writing my book, because these eerie coincidences jeep happening..

I wanted an image of a fetus in embryonic fluid, because babies are water deities. Look at a human embryo at about 4 weeks and it can pass for a monster from the deep-sea or another watery planet. Some ancient myths may com from this odd sight.

I’m reasonably sure Tiamat, the Sumerian goddess, has a strong connection to fertility mythology. Wikipedia calls Tiamat, “a creator goddess, through a “Sacred marriage” between salt and fresh water.” Semen was called water back then and; of course, water protects the baby in the mother’s womb. Is the sacred marriage between waters, analogous to procreation? I think so.

If anyone goes and designs Da Vinci’s locket, be honorable and remember me. My writing has entered me somewhat into the jewelry design game, but it really isn’t my field. I’m guessing a few rich baby mama’s  would pay a small fortune for a diamond encrusted baby.

Mixing Waters


Our ancient ancestors depicted nature cycles in their myths.  Many cultures describe the hydrologic cycle, as we do today; they just added deities to the mix. The Parabiago plate shows a fertility cycle and at the bottom, you will find two sea deitiesTethys, the goddess is my particular topic. Tethys belongs in the fertility cycle because the ocean contributes to the rain cycle. Thalassa is an older and comparable deity and she spawned the Telchines – Cabeiri equivalent.

My last post was about Tiamat the dragon goddess — another sea goddess. I doubt the Sumerian sea dragon spewed fire; I suspect the dragon’s superpower matches the King Serpent (Vasuki) from Hindu and Buddhist mythologies = churning. The undulation used in the belly dance probably originated with Tiamat worshipers.

I already had a sea motif in my early chapters, so Tiamat easily into my fertility cult. I need to create tattoos for one of my characters to symbolize Tiamat.

One note about the Parabiago plate; Wikipedia corrected some mistakes but still have a notable error. Ancient Greeks and Romans only recognized three seasons, Using the term ‘erotes’ to describe the dwarves is fine, but they do not truly represent seasons. They may represent festival periods and either the offerings or reaping periods.

The First Dragon Queen

Tiamat D&D Adventure-horz

Sumerians gave us our oldest written records, so Dragon Queen crown belongs to Tiamat. The makers of these D & D picked up on something quicker than I did – Tiamat is noteworthy. The Game of Thrones have a dragon queen, for a reason. The Japanese specialize in this area of mythology and own some cool stuff. The hero versus the dragon classifies as a universal myth; Tiamat versus Enki or Marduk may classify as the fist recorded myths.

I refer to Tiamat in the first chapter of novel, at present time. Chronologically she seemed a good fit. The Enki and Innana myth has played a part, in my story, for a long time. I added Tiamat in my last draft.

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean has Naomie Harris playing Tia Dalma, the human embodiment of Calypso. I’m guessing they named the character Tia to allude to Tiamat.

The Rise of Tiamat Tyranny of Dragons  and Hoard of the Dragon Queen by Wizards RPG Team