4god of seeds

CronosSaturn is the obvious ‘god of seeds‘ in the Greek and Roman Mythologies. The Pueblo tribes have an obvious choice – Kokopelli, who may have links to Aztec traders. I’m more curious which ‘god of seeds’ is referred to in the play written by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.

Cruz’s play, Loa to Divine Narcissus, simplifies Aztec mythology to a predominate god.The Aztec pantheon doesn’t have a clear hierarchy that you see in Greek and Roman mythologies, so I’m not positive about Cruz’s choice for the top spot.  Cruz wrote play in 1689 and her native heritage makes her a better expert, on Aztec mythology of the era, than anyone can claim today. So her simplification to a supreme deity is interesting. These are my candidates for the, “god of seeds’.

Tlaloc, the rain god, has high status and a connection to seeds.

Xipe Totec, (Flayed One) fits better in all but one aspect – status, due to being an imported god rather than an original Aztec god. Being a ‘god of spring’ makes him similar to Zephyr; which, brings him closer to my personal preference.

Xochipilli, the Flower god, doesn’t appear to have high enough status, but mythologies change with time and cultural exchange. I can easily see him merging with Kokopelli. Xochopelli’s association with the Ahuiateteo brings him close to Kokopelli and ups his popularity quotient.

Mictlantecutli, Lord of the underworld, has high enough status and his position as a death od may mean he was more important than many will admit. Many cultures avoided using the name of death gods, so they can often rank higher than presumed.

Xolotl is anther possibility; since, he is an underworld god and a twin to Quetzalcoatl.

Tezcatlipoca is described as a central deity. He is a creator god, bit I don’t see him listed as a fertility god.; which, should apply to a ‘god of seeds’.

Centeotl, god of the maize, fits as a ‘god of seeds; but surprisingly the corn god doesn’t seem to have the status.

Ometeotl is a disputed deity but hos place in the Five Suns creation myth make him a possibility.

In other word, I have no idea who Cruz names as the ‘god of seed’. My best guess – Xipe Totec; though not an original Aztec god, seems to have merged well enough to make him the best fit. For my purpose, Xochipilli is the most interesting. With a merging of Xipe Totec, Xochipilli, and Kokopelli — I see a powerful combination.


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