Me Cheeta

True story – Cheeta needed a literary agent for his autobiography, Me Cheeta.

Tarzan, the movies and the TV series shot scenes at the Silver Springs State Park, in Florida. I’m not sure if the ghost writer for the autobiography worked with any for the trainers of the many chimps that played the role, but he obviously knew Florida was a filming location.

I’m a primate and I’ve been to Silver Springs, but I don’t know if I will get a literary agent. I may try a few queries because the old route to publishing, offers more polish. I’m less sure what agents do these days to make a better book. Will they hook you up with an artist? I can see the value in having a graphic representation for certain scenes. I’m not sure if Hunter S Thompson would have climbed so high, in celebrity, without Ralph Steadman.

I’m doing more editing and I polish the best that I can. If agents will play matchmaker with editors and artists; I can see their value. I’ve browsed literary agents, but I want to see how they will make my book better. Whether I self publish or get an established publisher; makes little difference to me. I only care about better.


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