Tiamat D&D Adventure-horz

Sumerians gave us our oldest written records, so Dragon Queen crown belongs to Tiamat. The makers of these D & D picked up on something quicker than I did – Tiamat is noteworthy. The Game of Thrones have a dragon queen, for a reason. The Japanese specialize in this area of mythology and own some cool stuff. The hero versus the dragon classifies as a universal myth; Tiamat versus Enki or Marduk may classify as the fist recorded myths.

I refer to Tiamat in the first chapter of novel, at present time. Chronologically she seemed a good fit. The Enki and Innana myth has played a part, in my story, for a long time. I added Tiamat in my last draft.

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean has Naomie Harris playing Tia Dalma, the human embodiment of Calypso. I’m guessing they named the character Tia to allude to Tiamat.

The Rise of Tiamat Tyranny of Dragons  and Hoard of the Dragon Queen by Wizards RPG Team