Our ancient ancestors depicted nature cycles in their myths.  Many cultures describe the hydrologic cycle, as we do today; they just added deities to the mix. The Parabiago plate shows a fertility cycle and at the bottom you will find two sea deitiesTethys, the goddess is my particular topic. Tethys belongs in the fertility cycle because contributes to the rain cycle Thalassa

My last post was about Tiamat the dragon goddess — another sea goddess. I doubt the Sumerian sea dragon spewed fire; I suspect the dragon’s superpower matches the King Serpent (Vasuki) from Hindu and Buddhist mythologies = churning. The undulation used in the belly dance probably originated with Tiamat worshipers.

I already had a sea motif in my early chapters, so Tiamat easily into my fertility cult. I need to create tattoos for one of my characters to symbolize Tiamat.

One note about the Parabiago plate; Wikipedia corrected some mistakes but still have a notable error. Ancient Greeks and Romans only recognized three seasons, Using the term erotes to describe the dwarves is fine, but they do not truly represent seasons. They may represent festival periods and either the offerings or reaping periods.