Pope_Francis_Korea_Haemi_Castle_19a.jpgThe media is heroizing the Pope again, but think about the condom. Yes, abortion is a horrific topic but the Catholic church can’t even see the freaking obvious about birth control. More people = more trash. Even spreading the wealth to impoverished nations will increase the trash created by mankind. The idiotic media hailing then Pope fails to bring up the obvious. Popes don’t serve god or the people; they serve their ivory tower.

If the Pope wants to serve humanity; he should kill Catholicism. People will have sex. You may get a teen to save her hymen, but it just leads use of alternative holes. When Popes or dictators put in hard rules without thought human nature they cause more problems.

I agree man cause much distress to mother nature, but praising a political move; which, is what this is — is outrageous. I hate both political parties equally. I favor intelligent environmentalism; not political theater. The media executives should be executed  for the way they herd people rather than have intelligent debate. Is it any surprise Brian Williams is Roman Catholic, most news media in America comes from the State religions of Catholicism and Judaism. Yes, Orwell’s Big Brother is here. Sorry, but obvious political theater puts me into a rage.

The Catholic Conquistadors took the gold from formerly wealthy countries — this another obvious observance. Black Catholics in Santo Domingo push out the Black Catholic Haitians. Praising the Pope is praising insanity. If Catholics practiced responsible birth control; it would make these countries easier to help and cause less waste.

Will he turn off heating and air conditioning? Will he shut down churches which favor style over efficiency. Is he just playing the media game?

Roman Catholic and Liberal, Brian Williams will keep raking in money just like most of the media praising the Pope. The Pope should go K— himself.?


One thought on “All Hail Irrational Religion

  1. It’s a problem, isn’t it. The Pope talks about climate change… lots of applause and cheering. The Pope (and National Geographic and a whole lot of others) say little or nothing about overpopulation… lots and lots of silence.


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