Poor Brian Williams has to do an apology tour, with interviews by his fellow company men. The Pope said the rich, like Williams, are basically the root of all evil. Roman Catholic and NBC cohort will defend Williams, but of course, Matthews is worse than Williams.  Will the Pope excommunicate  Matthews and Williams, who the Pope calls a danger to mankind? The Democrats are supposed to be for the poor and environment, will Democrats disavow these men that the Pope calls evil. Will NBC support Williams, Mathews and the Pope?  Chris Matthews tingle for Obama and these are the President’s men and the Pope says they are evil.

Republicans are jerks but many, many Democrats have Brian William’ credentials — hypocrite, liar, and elitist narcissist.

I still don’t see how anyone can look at historical records and prefer the Catholic Conquistadors to the Pilgrims. Choose some random people in the news media, I suspect you will find Roman Catholics and Jews dominate the political arena, in a once Protestant country.

Roman Catholic Martin O’Malley wants gun control, but look at what Catholic run governments have done in the past, and ask yourself if you feel comfortable with Martin O’Malley who stuck with the Roman Catholics during the pedophile cover up that tried to bypass secular governments. Look at those Native Americans being fed to the dogs. Look at the St. Bartholomew’s Massacre. Look at Hitler. You got a lot of Catholic going on. O’Malley want his people in control and have the guns. Personally, I‘m sure I can cause mass havoc without a gun. I suggest a more religiously diverse government  and less elitist media before a Mark O’Malley takes control.

I wish Brian Williams, his family and NBC my worst wishes. Why does Allison Williams have an acting career = her daddy and the rich get richer philosophy. Read about the Mayflower Compact and how it led to religious freedom and look what Catholics do. NBC, I suggest you dump Williams and stop having political panels filled with just Jews and Catholics. I don’t care if you put Buddhists, Hindu’s or whatever on air but suggest you take this suggestion seriously.

Chaos versus control runs thru my mind, in this section of my writing. Dictators and Catholics want control The Inquisition was about control of religious belief just like the jihadist movement. Chaos isn’t a saint, but I’m not sure it is worse than 1984 control that seems to  rule the media. I like the goddess, Nemesis. Feminists don’t thrill me either, but I see Nemesis as Humanist rather than the  crazy, control freak, Feminist type. I don’t mind women in power, but a Feminist differs from a humanist.

The Pope talks about income inequality, but Catholics countries tend to have greater inequality. The French Huguenots were the middle class and see what Catholics did to them. Protestant countries favor having a strong middle class, Catholic countries as The US is becoming has the rich elitists throwing heroic alms at the peasants. You may like Brian Williams throwing alms to you; I rather break his nose.


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