The Astronaut's Wife

The two stars from, The Astronaut’s Wife, come from Huguenot heritage. My novel often alludes to Johnny Depp and his movies and I believe Charlize Theron will get similar treatment. I prefer people with Florida connections; for instance, Depp grew up in Florida. Theron only has connections through her movies, but some of her movies interest me greatly.

News sources say Theron called it quits with Sean Penn. Coincidentally, I changed my main character’s name to Penn and the character I plan to line up with Theron happens to have a relationship with my Penn. If Theron’s free, I guess I can offer to marry her and give her proper connection to Florida. I think I have made similar offers before and no one has rushed to accept, but maybe M. Theron will find me fascinating.

Theron’s role as Aeon Flux sealed my desire for her. The movie, Æon Flux failed to capture an interesting concept, but I can’t blame Theron for the failure. Aeon emanates from God in early Christian Gnosticism. Einstein favored Spinoza’s views and those views share much with the Gnostic notions of Valentinus.

I favor Valentinus’ Gnostic over where Irenaeus took Christianity. I see Irenaeus as more villain than saint and consider the earlier forms of Christianity as less corrupted. the metaphysics of Christian Gnosticism does not conflict with science; the way modern-day Christianity often does. I can’t say Huguenots preferred Gnostic views, but they without a doubt believed Christianity took a wrong path under certain Bishops and Popes. Dante Alighieri also saw the same thing.

No, I haven’t forgotten Charlize Theron – her movie Prometheus has similar metaphysical ideas as Gnosticism and Aeon. Christian Gnosticism is female friendly, so maybe Feminists would have never existed if Christianity stayed on the Gnostic path. Valentinus studied under Theudas, who studied under St. Paul the Apostle. Original Muslim philosophy probably more Gnostic friendly, as well.

Theron has other movies that interest me so I may overlook her weak connection to Florida. She did produce and star in Monster, based on the Florida serial killer — Aileen Wuornos.


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