Writing with timelines


I use timelines to track events, used in my writing, but I see ways to use them even more. When I ran into a backstory, I needed to expound on, I used a timeline. Timelines can act as outline and storyboards. Most event in a novel take place in chronological order, but a time line can flowchart back to a backstory event.

The one site that may have been the most use to me is–myHistro.I move in time and place, in my novel, and myhistro seems capable of handling my story. The site even advertises the story creation ability.The map–timeline, in the left, comes from myHistro.

The spiral timeline, on the right, condenses time; it comes from the USGS at:http://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/2008/58/


Writing with clean text

PhotoFunia Typewriter Regular 2015-07-26 08 36 10

Word processors give us many advantages over the typewriter days, but they also can add other problems. I began saving my documents in Rich Text Format (*.rtf) because of formatting problem that I ran into, but I still run into line spacing issues. Using a plain text editor allows for cleaner files and control over encoding. If I want control of my typesetting; I need clean text. I lose immediate appearance benefits of word processing but plain text has advantages.

Thinking in terms of coded or encoded text helped me understand why my line spacing issue kept showing up. Distraction free editors offer few thrills but many will save to a clean text format and don’t tempt you into using coded script. I’ve decided to change my writing format to the simpler is better formula. Using the master document feature on a word processor will still act as the the best way to combine individual chapters into one document. The PageFour text editor seems to combine chapters without a word processor, but I’m not sure how many other tools provide this feature.

I used yWriter as a formatting tool, but it saves in Rich Text Format. If you write short scenes, yWriter will probably avoid the line spacing problem but I don’t write short scenes. I believe the problem occurs when auto-formatting makes page breaks, for appearance sake. The PageFour can save in plain text, but the abundance of free text editors makes me wonder if the small advantages to PageFour pays off. Scrivener appears to give the option to save as plain text.

A tabbed text editor serves most of my needs, but other options tempt me. If the Master Document features of my word processors work without problem, I’m satisfied. Changing methods may introduce new bugs. Catching all the line spacing corruptions is a hassle I want to eliminate. Saving as plain text should fix this problem.

Colonial Prostitutes of Rollestown


I’m in search for prostitutes, in a way. I wish to find a match between the Harris List of prostitutes and a member of the Rollestown colony, in Florida. Denys Rolle created an Oliver Twist city in what became Palatka. Actress Lotten Olsson (left) played Nancy, the prostitute in the 1910 Oliver Twist and she represents some of Rolle’s colonists. The colony failed because poor city folk make poor colonists.

My novel doesn’t need such a prostitute but I find it intriguing that such a person existed. The Harris List of Covent Garden Ladies gave ratings and prices of available prostitutes. If I found better records about the Rollestown colony, I might meet the right hooker. I doubt I will search much more but it would make good historical trivia. Historical members of my fictional fertility cult are a side project and good for an appendix piece.

Designing Women of BDSM

story of berkley

Theresa Berkley, the English dominatrix, died the year before the Victorian age began. The British became more sexually secretive during the first half of Queen Victoria’s time and they probably went to France for their jollies. The rubber condom came out in 1855 and sex picked up steam. Mary Jeffries ran something closer to a house of horrors in the 1870’s, child slavery and BDSM appeared in her brothel. The second half of the Victorian age was obviously less prudish.

The Marquis de Sade became the forefather of BDSM. Anne Desclos and Bettie Page made BDSM fashionable. Theresa Berkley, the English dominatrix, designed the BDSM device, shown on the far right. The fertility cult, in my novel, has a BDSM designer, too. As a writer, I have to design the women and the devices and simple descriptions are imperative.

Tyrone Power’s daughter, Romina Power, starred in Marquis de Sade: Justine (1969); the middle image above. On the far left, I show, The Illustrated Story Of O Hardcover by Pauline Reage (Author), Doris Kloster (Photographer) Female photographer and a female writer, the feminists complaining about the “sex object” issue are foolishly blaming guys. Women create the image, men just follow normal acts of biology.

Anna Sprengel of the Golden Dawn

Anna Sprengel

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn claimed the daughter of Lola Montez, Anna Sprengel, created their organization. Anna Sprengel apparently initiated Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers (bottom left) into the group and made him leader. I got a laugh from the similarity between Anna Sprengel and Annie Sprinkle (top right). Annie Sprinkle depicts herself as The Neo Sacred Prostitute, resembling the Hindu goddess—Kali (Concept by Annie Sprinkle, art direction by Leslie Barany Communications. Image taken from AnnieSprinkle.org, specifically from here Author: Amy Ardrey).

Annie Sprinkle starred in a Doris Wishman film, Satan Was A Lady. The fertility cult in my novel consists of different Feminist factions. Sprinkle is a sex positive feminist, which, conflicts with other feminist factions. Sprinkle’s relationship with Gerard Damiano also brought her to my attention. Wishman and Damiano fit my interest in Florida filmmakers, so I may allude to Sprinkle.

Swami Laura Horos (bottom right) claimed to be Anna Sprengel, the Secret Chief of the Golden Dawn. Horos, a Spiritualist, spent time in Florida and she apparently impressed Harry Houdini.

The Courtesan Cult


Courtesans fit better as fertility cult members than the notorious lesbians from my last post. The women above had the credentials and stigma of pornstars in today’s world. Lola Montez (bottom left) worked as a courtesan, in the same time period, Sarah Bernhardt’s mother worked as a lower class prostitute. Sarah Bernhardt (bottom right) also worked as a high-class courtesan and reached similar fame, as Montez.

Countess Valtesse dela Bigne (top left) gave courtesan training to Liane de Pougy (top right), who went on to share the stage with Sarah Bernhardt. Women in the arts often had scandalous histories because religion mandated that good girls become wives and mothers. Women who prefer career to housewife and mother, owe these celebrity bed jumpers for their choice.

I’m making a fictional fertility cult and Liane de Pougy’s bisexuality creates a link with famous lesbians, from my last post. Pougy and Natalie Clifford Barney spent time as lovers.

Creating a Fertility Cult

Natalie Clifford Barney_Renee Vivien-OscarWilde

Gay people fail in the concept of conception, but their lack of genetic issue has advantages. Long dead and childless people offer a bit more leeway. These celebrities celebrated their sexual exploits, so I doubt anything I write will give their ghosts any reason to haunt me.

My fictional cult needs women, so lesbians work well. Natalie Clifford Barney, front right, wrote a book about her lovers..Wikipedia says her mother painted her daughter’s lovers, for illustration purposes, without knowing about the lesbian relationships. Barney didn’t believe in monogamy, so she had many lovers and often shared the bed with two lovers. No mention of full-out orgy, but her restraint from the practice probably came from reticence of her lovers and the bed size.

Barney, as a child, met Oscar Wilde (left) and in her later years—she bedded his niece, Dolly Wilde. Rene Vivien wears the pants, but Barney was the Don Juana. People in the Lesbian erotica field may do well, doing a period piece, based on her life. Barney’s life is  lesbian porn. if Ellen and Portia hold masquerade ball, they may want to take a look at Barney’s field of lovers, for their theme.

My fertility cult will resemble an anti-fertility Feminist cult, but I’m okay with that. Mixing fiction with reality causes me some distress. I foresee problems when using people from more recent times. Fiction often needs believability, so I try to puzzle out how a secret cult may exist. Working with real people, strengthens the believability. Maybe I need to request volunteers to form my cult. Females associated with Doris Wishman and other Florida filmmakers–please apply.

Literary Self-Analysis

PhotoFunia Old Book Regular 2015-07-09 08 57 57

My subconscious often figures things out and waits for my conscious mind to catch up. One chapter may make me look far more intelligent than I am because it seemed I did something smart—by chance. Maybe my subconscious did the writing. I also found an element of myself in my writing; which, I did not intend. No, it has nothing to do with BDSM or any other sexual topic that enters my writing. The sexual topics occur because I write about a fertility cult.

I’m working on character analysis and making improvements. My main character had a proper conflict to overcome; which, is important. I realized needed to highlight the conflict better. I’m changing one chapter to do the highlighting plus develop a secondary character better. The subconscious relates to Psyche, in mythology and she relates to the changes I am making. The story of Cupid and Psyche share Beauty ant the Beast elements. My main character doesn’t have a notable physical flaw, but he has a flaw in his psyche.

Writing is about staging the theatre of a reader’s mind. I used the Photofunia app put the symbol of theatre inside a book. A mask plays a role in my novel, so the image above is quite apt.

The Greatest Goddess needs not be on her knees


No one lists Baubo as a great goddess, but me (as far as I know). Baubo had a role in Greece’s, greatest mystery cult—the Eleusinian Mysteries. Baubo’s other name, Iambe, makes her a poetry goddess and ancient civilizations held poetry in high regard. Baubo is a fertility goddess and not mush surpassed fertility, in importance. Baubo is a trickster and they play an important part in mythology. Laughter is important and Baubo provided laughs.

I believe Baubo fits among the nursemaid goddesses. Nursemaids in mythology, often protect children, by trickster methods. Amaltheia, the goat goddess nanny to Zeus and another nursemaid Adamanthea, hid Zeus from the child swallowing god–Cronus. Melissa, sister to Amaltheia, also nursed Zeus. Melissa associates with Honey; which, links to ambrosia and other magical elixirs—probably important.

Galanthis saved baby Heracles, by playing trickster. Thetis was a shape-shifter; therefore, a trickster. Zeus , Hephaestus, and Dionysus owe Thetis for her protection. Thetis links to Tethys, who raised Hera.

The statuette above, condenses Baubo into man’s idea of an all-in-one sex toy. I.’m working on my character associations for my novel. I’ve had Baubo, in mind, for one of my characters but I still need to make my literary association. A great writer would shape the character’s dialogue into iambic pentameter. I’m to careless about counting syllables. I’ll do something, though.

Victor Hugo Doing Show and Tell

Les Misérables

Many famous and successful writers – tell. “Show don’t tell,” is not a fixed rule; just an advisable one. Historical Fiction has a major dilemma, telling – covers much more ground. I love Victor Hugo’s, Les Misérables, but he took me out of the story in the sections where he tells about history. I enjoy history books, but I rather not see them embedded inside fiction.

I’m not a natural storyteller; I rely on gimmick. Many popular and successful writers use gimmick, so I’m not alone. Victor Hugo knew how to tell a story, but he still wrote sections as textbook history. I use a big show then tell strategy. I let the reader chew on an interesting image as I dish out portions of history.

I found a chapter, in my novel, in need of rewrite. The story bogs down in history. My fix will involve an image. Descriptions can bog down a novel, too, but a literary image can break the rut of historical fact. How powerful is a literary image? You can see the cover of the Les Misérables and a major theme one simple quote:

“To love another person is to see the face of God.”
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables