Wrestlers turn themselves into make-believe characters. Luna Vachon played a lunatic in the wrestling ring. Away from the ring, she raised spirits of kids in hospitals. I write in past tense because she passed away a few years ago.

I ran into her during my research, because I sneak Florida trivia into my novel. I’m analyzing m character profiles and playing matchmaker to real people. Her wrestling person was a match to the character I created, so I alluded to her. I don’t get to comment on her true character, in my fictional tale, so I created this post. I applauded Tim Tebow because he uses his status as an athlete to raise spirits; Vachon did the same.

At one time, tattooed ladies were exhibited as sideshow freaks, now tattooed ladies are rather ordinary. My novel links to freaks, so I bid ode to tattooed ladies. Many may have thought Vachon had facial tattoos, but her ink was temporary. She wore an unflattering hairstyle to make herself look more fierce. Tattoos can’t make a freak these days, so I added other features.

Wikipedia creates a character sheet for people of note and I placed it alongside her picture. The article shares personal details; for instance, she was good friends with André the Giant. I read such articles to find inspiration to create better fiction. I wrote about Charlize Theron for the same reason and size played a factor. Theron has the height for a good mental image and Vachon has the brawn. Finding real people to put in my portrait file eases the pressure off my imagination.

I use public domain pictures, normally from Wikipedia, for my posts but my character sheets can focus on interesting.


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