Irene Ryan-horz

In Norse myth, Thor often plays the oaf. One tale has Thor in a wrestling match with an old crone, who personifies old age. The crone won. The crone’s name was Elli – a near miss to Beverly Hillbillies trivia. Irene Ryan played Granny and the TV series did a few things similar to this ancient myth; they had an episode where the Hillbillies got into a match with a wrestling family.

I’m in the process of analyzing characters in my novel and I see a reason to develop a crone. I mean no disrespect but Robert Graves used the term crone, as an aspect of the Triple Goddess.

Marvel often enjoys such humor. They may want to pay ode to the tale. Of course, Loki had a role. How about Stan lee in a dress?

Center image — A depiction of Elli wrestling Thor (1919) by Robert Engels.


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