No one lists Baubo as a great goddess, but me (as far as I know). Baubo had a role in Greece’s, greatest mystery cult—the Eleusinian Mysteries. Baubo’s other name, Iambe, makes her a poetry goddess and ancient civilizations held poetry in high regard. Baubo is a fertility goddess and not mush surpassed fertility, in importance. Baubo is a trickster and they play an important part in mythology. Laughter is important and Baubo provided laughs.

I believe Baubo fits among the nursemaid goddesses. Nursemaids in mythology, often protect children, by trickster methods. Amaltheia, the goat goddess nanny to Zeus and another nursemaid Adamanthea, hid Zeus from the child swallowing god–Cronus. Melissa, sister to Amaltheia, also nursed Zeus. Melissa associates with Honey; which, links to ambrosia and other magical elixirs—probably important.

Galanthis saved baby Heracles, by playing trickster. Thetis was a shape-shifter; therefore, a trickster. Zeus , Hephaestus, and Dionysus owe Thetis for her protection. Thetis links to Tethys, who raised Hera.

The statuette above, condenses Baubo into man’s idea of an all-in-one sex toy. I.’m working on my character associations for my novel. I’ve had Baubo, in mind, for one of my characters but I still need to make my literary association. A great writer would shape the character’s dialogue into iambic pentameter. I’m to careless about counting syllables. I’ll do something, though.

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