PhotoFunia Old Book Regular 2015-07-09 08 57 57

My subconscious often figures things out and waits for my conscious mind to catch up. One chapter may make me look far more intelligent than I am because it seemed I did something smart—by chance. Maybe my subconscious did the writing. I also found an element of myself in my writing; which, I did not intend. No, it has nothing to do with BDSM or any other sexual topic that enters my writing. The sexual topics occur because I write about a fertility cult.

I’m working on character analysis and making improvements. My main character had a proper conflict to overcome; which, is important. I realized needed to highlight the conflict better. I’m changing one chapter to do the highlighting plus develop a secondary character better. The subconscious relates to Psyche, in mythology and she relates to the changes I am making. The story of Cupid and Psyche share Beauty ant the Beast elements. My main character doesn’t have a notable physical flaw, but he has a flaw in his psyche.

Writing is about staging the theatre of a reader’s mind. I used the Photofunia app put the symbol of theatre inside a book. A mask plays a role in my novel, so the image above is quite apt.


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