Natalie Clifford Barney_Renee Vivien-OscarWilde

Gay people fail in the concept of conception, but their lack of genetic issue has advantages. Long dead and childless people offer a bit more leeway. These celebrities celebrated their sexual exploits, so I doubt anything I write will give their ghosts any reason to haunt me.

My fictional cult needs women, so lesbians work well. Natalie Clifford Barney, front right, wrote a book about her lovers..Wikipedia says her mother painted her daughter’s lovers, for illustration purposes, without knowing about the lesbian relationships. Barney didn’t believe in monogamy, so she had many lovers and often shared the bed with two lovers. No mention of full-out orgy, but her restraint from the practice probably came from reticence of her lovers and the bed size.

Barney, as a child, met Oscar Wilde (left) and in her later years—she bedded his niece, Dolly Wilde. Rene Vivien wears the pants, but Barney was the Don Juana. People in the Lesbian erotica field may do well, doing a period piece, based on her life. Barney’s life is  lesbian porn. if Ellen and Portia hold masquerade ball, they may want to take a look at Barney’s field of lovers, for their theme.

My fertility cult will resemble an anti-fertility Feminist cult, but I’m okay with that. Mixing fiction with reality causes me some distress. I foresee problems when using people from more recent times. Fiction often needs believability, so I try to puzzle out how a secret cult may exist. Working with real people, strengthens the believability. Maybe I need to request volunteers to form my cult. Females associated with Doris Wishman and other Florida filmmakers–please apply.


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