Courtesans fit better as fertility cult members than the notorious lesbians from my last post. The women above had the credentials and stigma of pornstars in today’s world. Lola Montez (bottom left) worked as a courtesan, in the same time period, Sarah Bernhardt’s mother worked as a lower class prostitute. Sarah Bernhardt (bottom right) also worked as a high-class courtesan and reached similar fame, as Montez.

Countess Valtesse dela Bigne (top left) gave courtesan training to Liane de Pougy (top right), who went on to share the stage with Sarah Bernhardt. Women in the arts often had scandalous histories because religion mandated that good girls become wives and mothers. Women who prefer career to housewife and mother, owe these celebrity bed jumpers for their choice.

I’m making a fictional fertility cult and Liane de Pougy’s bisexuality creates a link with famous lesbians, from my last post. Pougy and Natalie Clifford Barney spent time as lovers.


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