Anna Sprengel

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn claimed the daughter of Lola Montez, Anna Sprengel, created their organization. Anna Sprengel apparently initiated Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers (bottom left) into the group and made him leader. I got a laugh from the similarity between Anna Sprengel and Annie Sprinkle (top right). Annie Sprinkle depicts herself as The Neo Sacred Prostitute, resembling the Hindu goddess—Kali (Concept by Annie Sprinkle, art direction by Leslie Barany Communications. Image taken from, specifically from here Author: Amy Ardrey).

Annie Sprinkle starred in a Doris Wishman film, Satan Was A Lady. The fertility cult in my novel consists of different Feminist factions. Sprinkle is a sex positive feminist, which, conflicts with other feminist factions. Sprinkle’s relationship with Gerard Damiano also brought her to my attention. Wishman and Damiano fit my interest in Florida filmmakers, so I may allude to Sprinkle.

Swami Laura Horos (bottom right) claimed to be Anna Sprengel, the Secret Chief of the Golden Dawn. Horos, a Spiritualist, spent time in Florida and she apparently impressed Harry Houdini.


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