I’m in search for prostitutes, in a way. I wish to find a match between the Harris List of prostitutes and a member of the Rollestown colony, in Florida. Denys Rolle created an Oliver Twist city in what became Palatka. Actress Lotten Olsson (left) played Nancy, the prostitute in the 1910 Oliver Twist and she represents some of Rolle’s colonists. The colony failed because poor city folk make poor colonists.

My novel doesn’t need such a prostitute but I find it intriguing that such a person existed. The Harris List of Covent Garden Ladies gave ratings and prices of available prostitutes. If I found better records about the Rollestown colony, I might meet the right hooker. I doubt I will search much more but it would make good historical trivia. Historical members of my fictional fertility cult are a side project and good for an appendix piece.

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