What Drives the Novel


I know what drives my novel—my cult. When I divert from the cult, I ask for trouble. One chapter poses risks. My longest span without the cult happens here.  I broke the chapter into scenes and added more cult driven scenes. If an idea pops into my head, I might add one more.


Focusing on One Word

PhotoFunia Sand writing Regular 2015-08-24 02 42 32

I gained insight by summing up chapters to a single word. The editing trick came to me because my mind tends to go elsewhere. I want links between chapters, but I needed to know the keywords in each chapter to make the links.. Om or Aum us the Hindu mantra, the sound d the universal spirit.

Quirky Writers and Quotation Marks

Cormac McCarthy never uses quotation marks. Terry Pratchett, uses single quote marks rather than double. Manuel Puig used dashes in Kiss of the Spider Woman to replace quotation marks. McCarthy thinks punctuation adds clutter to the text; he uses commas and periods—period (almost). Puig may use the dashes as a symbol of one-sided communication. Hard to say about Pratchett, but my guess–cleaner look..

I’m in an editing phase and I need to make a decision on style. Puig’s method may work for one element, in my writing. But, I’m undecided. Keeping myself from skimming while I edit is my big trouble right now. I use writing and editing apps to help me focus, but markup techniques vary. My last post denotes my last creative change and ends the diary of my creative process. I may go back to my original idea for my blog and track my allusions–chapter by chapter.

Marilyn Manson Slides Into History


Constantius, the father of Constantine and Anastasia, inspired the title of Marilyn Manson’s last album. This album and piece of history interests me. Manson is an icon of Florida, so he deserved mention in my novel. I lacked inspiration until this album.

I mentioned Anastasia because her involvement in an attempted poisoning of Constantine. This event fits the workings of my fertility cult. The themes of the album also fits themes in my novel.

Manson’s music style moved closer to my taste, with this album. Jim Morrison and The Doors provided inspiration and you hear it in a couple of songs. “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge” is very good because it has the Morrison sound.

Trimming The Novel

When I first looked at my novel, in book format, the paragraph length stood out. I made many of them too long. I trimmed my word size, my sentence length, and those blasted long paragraphs. I’m not a strict minimalist in my reading, but the techniques have improved my writing.

It makes you feel good to see you’re close to finished work in book form. Many reading apps will let you change your plain text into a book format. My songs look odd, without proper formatting, but no biggie.

I’m trying to decide what to attack next. My work on the synopsis showed me a few things, but you have to avoid burnout from reading the same thing, over and over, again. When I line edit; I limit my reading. Making a plan of attack limits the reading, bur I may be to the point that I have to read the book from start to finish. The little things that I have on my edit list can wait till then.

Learning from a Synopsis

PhotoFunia-Books-Regular-2014-08-23-10-42-08_thumb.jpgI made a two-page synopsis and I found a few things to fix in my novel. The synopsis forces you to sum up your scenes or chapters. I summed up two chapters; at a time, because I wanted a common link between the inner story and the outer frame of my novel.

Literary agents often want a synopsis. So, I got one. I’m not sure how hard I will try to get an agent, but I will contact two or three. Even writers who choose the independent publishing route.can benefit from the synopsis. I doubt those who write ‘character driven’ novels get much more than aggravation.

I use a simple but active plot; which. made the process easy. A shorter synopsis may pose a problem.

Framing a story

Frame story

I use the frame story technique. Many authors don’t link the outer and inner stories. I use a slight weave. The stories remain independent but I prefer to filter a few things from the outer take to the inner. I’m working on the weave, at present. My recent posts about wrestling occurred because my outer tale had a wrestling reference; which, prompted me to add wrestling to my inner story. The image above shows my construction. I don’t use ghosts but my guides act much like the Christmas ghosts of past, present and future.

In Need of a Black Athena

AliciaFox2010TributetotheTroopsNaomi Night

I link mythology to trivia in my novel. Two set for allusion are pictured above, Alicia Fox (middle female) and Naomi Knight, on the right. They both come from Florida, which fits my regional theme. Black women seem scarce in professional wrestling, but I suspect he numbers will grow, The fight against stereotype may have played a role in the scarcity.

Image from Wikimedia with the picture credits:

Description: Alicia Fox at the 2010 Tribute to the Troops show held by WWE in Fort Hood, Texas, on December 11, 2010. Source Alicia Fox

Author Shamsuddin Muhammad from Fort Hood, TX, USA

Naomi during a live event in 2015.Date: 17 April 2015, 20:20:23


Author: Miguel Discart

Wrestling With Breasts


Lean muscle means smaller breast size. Many female professional wrestlers opt for implants because they market sex. Some go farther than others, in breast size and in marketing. Missy Hyatt’s bio interested me because she comes from Florida and because she pedaled into soft-core porn. She apparently marketed the video on the right.

Tammy Lynn Sytch, farthest on the right, apparently is pedaling even farther. Rumors say she is working on a deal with Vivid. My issue is partly due to the feminist issue. Yes, big breasts attract men’s eyes, but studies say they also attract baby eyes and adult female eyes. There is a Feminist war, but little has men, the major war is within Feminist ranks. The body image issues also have much more to do with other females than men.

Steroids and breast implants fall in a similar area. Some see a cheat. I’m much more of a face man and even though fake breast catch my eye, I sort of wish they didn’t. My first allusion to female wrestlers, in my novel, came due to the circus connections. Florida’s strong links to the wrestling world also played a part. The breast and Feminist issues cause me to expand my wrestling references.

Some female wrestlers with naturally muscular builds may have developed femininity issues during younger years. Overcompensation may be understandable. When I allude, in my novel, I often do it for trivia reasons. I try not to judge much, and unless I read about who has breast implants, I often don’t know. A Wonderbra can trick me.

Flow Check


I check put writing apps to see what they have to offer. The site Slick Write gives a flow check and suggestions to improve. It analyzes and advises when sentence sizes don’t vary enough. The Hemingway will induce you to shorten your sentences and the variance in size will will probably lessen, The two apps complement each other in many ways, but the sentence size issue may conflict. Short packs a punch. Creating short concise sentences to install amongst long sentences satisfy both apps.

I will try a chapter rewrite and work on the short concise method. Rewrite take time, but I’ give it a try. Both the Hemingway app and Slick Write show you interesting stuff about your writing.