Cormac McCarthy never uses quotation marks. Terry Pratchett, uses single quote marks rather than double. Manuel Puig used dashes in Kiss of the Spider Woman to replace quotation marks. McCarthy thinks punctuation adds clutter to the text; he uses commas and periods—period (almost). Puig may use the dashes as a symbol of one-sided communication. Hard to say about Pratchett, but my guess–cleaner look..

I’m in an editing phase and I need to make a decision on style. Puig’s method may work for one element, in my writing. But, I’m undecided. Keeping myself from skimming while I edit is my big trouble right now. I use writing and editing apps to help me focus, but markup techniques vary. My last post denotes my last creative change and ends the diary of my creative process. I may go back to my original idea for my blog and track my allusions–chapter by chapter.


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