Nemesis in Aeon Flux


Æon Flux and Trevor Goodchild are lovers who play on opposite sides. In mythology, Alastor is the male counterpart to Nemesis. Peter Chung created Æon Flux with Gnosticism, in mind. I show the Pleroma of Valentinus, on top of the Æon Flux cover, and you can see the dueling pairs. What I see is a model of group dynamics; a yin-yang roundtable.

Feminism is insane because Feminists spit different messages. Many Feminists call themselves Humanists, but fail to examine the male perspective. In my opinion, any son raised by a proclaimed Feminist is suffering mental cruelty. The image above depicts Humanism—acceptance of opposition.

Catholics wanted to deny rights of individuality in their doctrine. If you turn the names into tribal groups; you will see why I call this a model of group dynamics. I’m not preaching a religious system, in this post, I just see this as a balance Philosophy. When Constantine made Christianity the religion of his Empire; he made changes to suit his needs. Did Jesus preach this philosophy of balance and did the Pope of Constantine’s Empire erase this system? I don’t know, but I see the possibility.

Would Feminists be insane if they accepted this philosophy of balance? I said Feminists—not women and I truly mean my insult, because a Feminist is not a Humanist.

Pleroma of Valentinus comes from Wikimedia.


The Goddess of Others


Nemesis is the goddess of others; she is the third law of motion. Newton’s third law of motion the one that denotes an equal but opposite reaction accompanies each action.

The media glorifies the Pope and I say shove it. Nemesis hates pride and zealots burn with pride. Pope Francis named a zealot a saint. Zealots serve Lucifer. Either the Pope does not believe in hell not god or he’s going to burn.

I’m still working on one aspect in my novel. Feminists often turn men into the others, so Nemesis fights on the guy side. Nemesis is a trickster; she shifts sides. Nemesis serves balance, like Mother Nature.

When Agents Google

I make controversial posts, but I stay consistent to my theme–the others. An element from Lost (the TV series) is a primary theme of my book. I often call it groupism. Catholicism is hatred of the other; read about the Inquisition and you will see it was all about hating the others.

If my posts are too inflammatory, so be it. Zealotry is a theme and my posts back up my view. I know having sex with a child is wrong, but this seems revolutionary to Catholics. The media make like this Pope is  a compassionate genius for finally catching up to what most people know–pedophilia is wrong. The Pope showed his true face by making an Inquisitor a saint. Our media and our congress should be ashamed. The Pope should martyr himself if he wants to do the right thing.– he gave sainthood to he hate of others for being an other.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise, fear and surprise; two chief weapons, fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency! Er, among our chief weapons are: fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, and near fanatical devotion to the Pope! Um, I’ll come in again…”
Graham Chapman

This is a humorous quote to commemorate Pope Francis naming an Inquisitor a saint. If the comics don’t roast the Pope, you know there was some rigging going on. A more serious quote shows why Pope Francis should roast.

“For every heretic it burned at the stake, thousands of others rose up. Why was that? Because the Inquisition kills its enemies in the open, and killed them while they were still on repentant; in fact, it killed them because they were unrepentant. Men were dying because they would not abandon their true beliefs. Naturally all the glory along to the victim and all the shame to the Inquisitor who burned him.”
George Orwell, 1984

Saint Adolf


The Pope just made an Inquisitor a saint. Atrocities or the Inquisition can match the Nazi record. Plus Hitler was a Roman Catholic doing what Roman Catholics did for centuries—kill and persecute the others.

The Vatican switched Popes as a public relations move and there are small changes in method, but the structure stays the same.

Junípero Serra was a priest of the Inquisition. He among others made a great civilization—a third world country. The Vatican stole the gold and the treasures, so the Pope can wear white and a gold cross. The media whitewashes but Popes have a lot of blood and dirt on their hands.

Corporate Scum


All hail the Inquisition. Pope Francis just named an Inquisitor a saint. Native American groups are unhappy about Pope Francis naming Junípero Serra a saint. Any Native American with brains knows how Catholic Conquistadors—they conquered the Native Americans. There is just way too much proof about how horrible the Inquisition was to non-Catholics.

Protestant is tribal–Catholicism is 1984 insanity.

Love snakes and their symbolism, go Pentecostal, Hate the snakes, go to most any other Protestant church. Catholicism saves the institution, above all else. Varied religion leaves options. Monarchist religions offer little wiggle room.

A theme of my novel is the evils of groupthink. Catholicism best represents this evil. Popes have led the largest hate group in history.

Images from Wikimedia, the Pope’s image came from the following source: version supplied via email by Jeon Han)

My Various Blurbs


When She-it screams, embrace the freak; Kal finds he has no other choice. She-it runs the Cabeiri Cult, and her cult wants Kal’s genetic memories.


Big Al booby-trapped a mask and she sent her cult to kidnap Kal, who gets taken for a ride.


The Cabeiri cult tried to jimmy a secret out of Jimmy. He died. Now, they turn their eye to Kal.


She-it is a dwarf who loves the–it; she runs a fertility cult. Honey takes a gift to Kal, a drug-laced mask. The Aussie and the Jamaican help Honey nab Kal; they work for She-it. The cult wants Kal’s genes; they had his cousin Jimmy. Emphasis on–had. Kal just wants his face and his life back. She-it makes toys; she made the mask for Kal.


Honey delivers a gift to Kal. The gift is a mask; a booby-trapped mask. Big Al runs a fertility cult and she sent Honey to kidnap Kal; Big Al is She-it and she made the mask.

When She-it screams embrace the freak; Kal finds he has no other choice. What does the mask do? It delivers a drug to unlock the genetic past. Kal takes two trips, one with the cultists, and the other in the Shaman world of Dreamtime.

Analysis of my Blurbs

Query letters need a hook, so I put my various hooks in one spot.Now, I just need to choose. I favor the first one because I know what it means. This may be too abstract for some. My use of two names for my dwarf character complicates some of these blurbs. Four and five say the most; five may be the best. Length is a factor. Bloggers on the subject of query letters say not to use gimmicks. The third one may be too gimmicky. Number two is simple, but I’m not sure it has enough hook.

Calling the mask drug-laced or booby-trapped is another decision. Booby is a fortuitous pun for a fertility cult. The drug is actually injected but laced works well enough and lace wears well on the fertility cultists.

Hiding Behind A Nom de Plume


Many people envy the bright light of fame; some of us prefer the dark. Most writers want a best seller; some of us, namely me, see drawbacks. Literary agents want authors with the personality to sell their book. I can handle the web presence, but public appearances may cause a problem.

A literary agency gives me a team and this may make my book better, but they may put me in more uncomfortable position. Which will cause me more anguish traditional or independent publishing? I’m sure this depends on the agent. Researching agent preferences has been annoying, but gauging the personality is another issue. It all seems like a dice roll.

Killing The Sensitive Son

EugèneFerdinandVictorDelacroixMedea about to Kill her Children

Feminism became a theme in my novel and I suspect this post’s title sums up the reason. My social retardation was notable and the cry for social change may have hurt my sensitive ears.Yes, I whimper.

Feminism is not humanist because it focuses on a gender perspective. Am I misogynist for seeing female breasts as sex objects or am I normal?

Many literary agents want Women’s Fiction and Book Club books. I may fit the latter because I address an issue. Most literary agents are women; will they see misogyny in my humor and toss my book? Or will they see my point?

Should I bother sending a query letter to a female agent? I praise the female agents willing to provide good head.

The image depicts Medea’s act of infanticide; Eugène Delacroix is the artist and it came from the Wikipedia for infanticide. I allude to Medea in my novel.