In the beginning, I wrote my sentences to long; now, I write them too short.Some apps want me to shorten my sentences further, by removing words like—well, ‘like’ and like, ‘well’ and ‘too,’ too. And don’t get me started on punctuation.

Two more words I’ve used—’now’ and ‘some’ also fall on the list of glue words. Using the most common words in English will cause you to write ‘sticky sentences.” Take out the common words and you will write short sentences or use uncommon words which fall in the complaint department, too.

Editing apps also want diverse sentence lengths, but the push toward shorter sentences will decrease the diversity. In writing, everything is wrong. Cormac McCarthy never uses semicolons, so the apps will complain about his conjunctions.

Editing apps force me to look at things, but they also create a catch 22 game. Another problem with the apps is their addition of line spacing, if you cut and paste. They pass down invisible markdown codes that were used to make the document to fit on their page. You need to be careful if cut from their page to yours because they can damage your line spacing.

To be or not to be answers not the question. The answer to all is thout shalt always be eternally wrong.