Why do literary agents list ‘commercial fiction’ as a genre but leave out the grotesque? Literary agents want you to fit their taste, but many fail to note their taste. I know my novel classifies as grotesque. Why not put keywords on your sites? Are literary agents stupid? An agent wastes their own time by not clarifying their tastes; they also waste the writer’s time.

Calling agents idiots may not get me a book deal, but I believe many will agree with my assessment. I am also sure most agencies want to make money, so “commercial fiction’ leans toward the redundant.

Geek Love by Katherine Dunn is contemporary fiction or literary fiction, so this may fit me. I’m more humorous and research oriented. My book directs the laughs at the main character’s ability to deal with abnormal situations and I see this as big style difference between Dunn’s book and mine. I rate her higher as a natural writer, but my novel probably has more literary merit, due to my research.

Dunn’s literary agency, Inkwell Management, tells you lower level employees see your work first. Many agencies may work this way, but this leaves you blind to their preference.

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