EugèneFerdinandVictorDelacroixMedea about to Kill her Children

Feminism became a theme in my novel and I suspect this post’s title sums up the reason. My social retardation was notable and the cry for social change may have hurt my sensitive ears.Yes, I whimper.

Feminism is not humanist because it focuses on a gender perspective. Am I misogynist for seeing female breasts as sex objects or am I normal?

Many literary agents want Women’s Fiction and Book Club books. I may fit the latter because I address an issue. Most literary agents are women; will they see misogyny in my humor and toss my book? Or will they see my point?

Should I bother sending a query letter to a female agent? I praise the female agents willing to provide good head.

The image depicts Medea’s act of infanticide; Eugène Delacroix is the artist and it came from the Wikipedia for infanticide. I allude to Medea in my novel.


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