All hail the Inquisition. Pope Francis just named an Inquisitor a saint. Native American groups are unhappy about Pope Francis naming Junípero Serra a saint. Any Native American with brains knows how Catholic Conquistadors—they conquered the Native Americans. There is just way too much proof about how horrible the Inquisition was to non-Catholics.

Protestant is tribal–Catholicism is 1984 insanity.

Love snakes and their symbolism, go Pentecostal, Hate the snakes, go to most any other Protestant church. Catholicism saves the institution, above all else. Varied religion leaves options. Monarchist religions offer little wiggle room.

A theme of my novel is the evils of groupthink. Catholicism best represents this evil. Popes have led the largest hate group in history.

Images from Wikimedia, the Pope’s image came from the following source: version supplied via email by Jeon Han)


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