I make controversial posts, but I stay consistent to my theme–the others. An element from Lost (the TV series) is a primary theme of my book. I often call it groupism. Catholicism is hatred of the other; read about the Inquisition and you will see it was all about hating the others.

If my posts are too inflammatory, so be it. Zealotry is a theme and my posts back up my view. I know having sex with a child is wrong, but this seems revolutionary to Catholics. The media make like this Pope is  a compassionate genius for finally catching up to what most people know–pedophilia is wrong. The Pope showed his true face by making an Inquisitor a saint. Our media and our congress should be ashamed. The Pope should martyr himself if he wants to do the right thing.– he gave sainthood to he hate of others for being an other.


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