Æon Flux and Trevor Goodchild are lovers who play on opposite sides. In mythology, Alastor is the male counterpart to Nemesis. Peter Chung created Æon Flux with Gnosticism, in mind. I show the Pleroma of Valentinus, on top of the Æon Flux cover, and you can see the dueling pairs. What I see is a model of group dynamics; a yin-yang roundtable.

Feminism is insane because Feminists spit different messages. Many Feminists call themselves Humanists, but fail to examine the male perspective. In my opinion, any son raised by a proclaimed Feminist is suffering mental cruelty. The image above depicts Humanism—acceptance of opposition.

Catholics wanted to deny rights of individuality in their doctrine. If you turn the names into tribal groups; you will see why I call this a model of group dynamics. I’m not preaching a religious system, in this post, I just see this as a balance Philosophy. When Constantine made Christianity the religion of his Empire; he made changes to suit his needs. Did Jesus preach this philosophy of balance and did the Pope of Constantine’s Empire erase this system? I don’t know, but I see the possibility.

Would Feminists be insane if they accepted this philosophy of balance? I said Feminists—not women and I truly mean my insult, because a Feminist is not a Humanist.

Pleroma of Valentinus comes from Wikimedia.


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