Masked Theater

the tempest-horz

The Tempest by William Shakespeare makes use of a masque scene and it appears to express that a king and queen marry for other reasons than love—it is about making an heir to the throne. Pluto (Hades) and Proserpina (Persephone) are mated by Cupid in order to produce the fruits of the earth. I wonder if Shakespeare used the Roman names for the gods for what the proser, in Proserpina means—it means writer of prose.

Marriage between Kings and Queens is often a game of thrones—it is chess. I’m writing a new piece for my novel; which, concerns these subjects and it will take masque form.

The piece on the right comes from the Parabiago Plate; which, shows a Pluto-Proserpina type couple and the fruits of the earth. I marked a humorous fertility symbol on this excerpt.


Persephone and the Phantom


Erik, the phantom of the opera, takes Christine, his love—back and beneath the stage. Hades takes Persephone into the underworld.

Demonization of the name Hades misleads people from his true persona—Hades is fertility god. He and Persephone to give bloom to the fruits of the earth. The Phantom takes Christine to make beautiful music; their songs are their fruit.

Rape in mythology is not rape, as we know it—it just means a flower got plucked by a god and compares more to a Superstar and a star-struck groupie. Persephone is probably the rock star in this family of gods because she goes on tour for six months of the year and other six months, she spends time with Hades beneath the sheets  Hades and Erik, the Phantom, live in a cellar.

I used the Parabiago Plate to represent Hades and Persephone coupling to create the fruits of the earth, but the plate shows other aspects of the ancient Mystery cults. The plate appears to mix mythologies, but the symbols matter more than the names of the players. I wanted. I wanted to use an image capturing the eroticism that I see in Hades-Persephone myth but I just didn’t see one that matched what I saw.

Baubo and the Boogeywoman


Baubo (left) and Rangda (right) are two different types of the crone archetype. Rangda is a demon queen of Bali and Baubo is the bawdy jester who brought a smile to the Greek goddess, Demeter. In the center is the funniest picture—a woman scares a demon with her lady-parts.

Short women can probably masquerade as Baubo without much problem. A dwarf needs nothing more than an oversized mask. I spend time imagining how the ancient Mystery Cults work and the dwarf idea seemed a good choice. For the purpose of my book—it is a great idea. Doing a Sheela Na Gig, like in the middle picture, may get you arrested for indecent exposure.

Baubo and Sheela Na Gig play a part in the new origin story of my fictional fertility cult. Ranga may make the cut, too.

The Chemistry Cult


It sounds odd but I think I can make a case for a chemistry cult working inside a fertility cult. Women created the science of attraction, not men. Maria the Jewess made a contribution to chemistry and perfumery was part of the reason. You will also find Cleopatra the Alchemist, in the record books, for much the same reason. Many lower profile women helped create an industry.

Queen Elizabeth of Hungary and Poland brought the perfume industry to the Western World and Queen Medici made France a leader in the industry. Scents have long been a part religion, but consumerism itself has reached cult status. The magical enchantress that you see in myth and folklore—grew out of such potions. Poison is a great name for a perfume because a lab to make one. can easily make the other. The beaker of Elixir is another clever idea.

Not all my ideas for my fertility cult will blend into my story, but I hope to have an appendix with plausible cultists. Perfumes mask scent, so I have not put aside my focus on masks. This topic also denotes how women make themselves—sex objects. Feminist complaints about sexual objectification seems sort of funny when you look at the centuries spent by women to perfect the science.

Florida Water is an obvious choice for me to mention, inside my book. Puig’s Elixir and Dior’s Poison would be easier.

The Theatre Cult


No, Scientology is not the first theatre cult. A theatre mask was the symbol of the Dionysus cult and theatre grew from religious roots. My fictional cult will have similar roots.

Many of the early actresses also served as courtesans and my fertility cult will make use of this fact. One problem I have in making myself believe such a cult existed is the centuries that only men served in European theatre.

Changing an almost comple novel


Changes are scary because they may create a need for more changes. Changes to the origins to my Mystery Cult seems likely. No one knows the specifics of the Mystery Cults, but I try to incorporate what is known. Veils played a role in the early fertility myths and I believe masks were used in some of the rituals. The rituals probably made use of theatrics.

For my purposes, masks need more significance than what I see in documents about the Mysteries. I’m still hoping my research will pop a new idea in my head.

The Smiley Face On The Sun


The smiley face on the sun and the moon takes away any mysticism I may see in the Voynich manuscript. My intent was not to embarrass the person who tried to interest me in their idea about the manuscript. I did not approve the comments for the sake of his or her privacy. I’m sorry if the manuscript looks more like a storyboard for a fantasy novel than a real mystic find. The History Channel and other media channels make. a habit of passing poor scholarship as true history. My comment about crap was addressed to those who prefer to dupe rather than enlighten.

The page opposite this one shows dark objects obscuring the human figures and a smiley face moon, so it obviously symbolizes night.  If you examine the text; you will find a lot of repetition; which, leads me to the text means nothing or it involves chants—I’m betting nothing. In Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, fake Hieroglyphica was used. Elements of Sci-fi and Fantasy are ancient; portals into dreams are of common occurrence. I can’t say the Voynich manuscript was a purposeful hoax, but healthy skepticism is an advisable trait.

I gave thought to alluding to the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, in my novel. The name translates to Poliphilo’s Strife of Love in a Dream and I see it as doable if I drop the character’s name from the title. The personification of the sun and moon is common in mythology and folklore. I may give one character  a Sailor Moon skirt to allude to the Bunny on the moon to make note of one personification.

Fiction Mistaken For Reality


The Voynich manuscript, has many of the same elements as the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili; the latter is recognized as fiction and many people want to portray the former—as reality. My guess is Leon Battista Alberti wrote both. If it wasn’t Alberti; it was someone with links to him.

I write fiction; I am not a conspiracy theorist. Do I believe large (and often religious groups) mess with society? Yes, it is obvious they do. Many in the media don’t have the talent to write real fiction, so they spin crap; which, many mistake for valid research.