Hype is a blood clot to my soul? I’m a newbie to this Gnosis stuff, but I find it way more palatable than the Pope. The chart above shows the gnostic pathways to Christ. Elpis means hope and I’m sure most Christians believe in hope. Sophia is wisdom and many find wisdom in words. Love and faith—how dare a religion highlight such ideas. Catholics called people who believed this stuff heretics and persecuted them.Catholicism wants all things religious to flow through the Vatican-The Blood Clot of the Lamb. Those are the blood clots of Catholicism, on the image above.

The concept of a mortal absolving sins–boggles my mind. I can understand how a person can touch anther person’s heart, but the Vatican is a bureaucracy—it isn’t human. Can the Pope make an aircraft carrier do split second 360—no. The Catholic Church is much the same as it was when an Irish politician had to tell the Vatican raping kids is not cool. Why did the media hype the Pope? He sainted an Inquisitor; how insane is that?

The Pope’s meeting with the clerk who refused to issue wedding permits to gays has created a stir, but why the hype in the first place? I know a clot when I see one and the Pope is a clot..If you want to wander thru a bureaucratic system to get to god, go ahead—but it see as crazy. Catholicism made rich nations poor. Why do Catholics emigrate to Protestant built countries? Why are there only Jews and Catholics on the Supreme Court of a Protestant built country? Clotting is the answer to that question. Democracy can be thwarted. Catholicism is an elitist dictatorship.

Feminists are another type of clot. Most of us are born with a specific gender, from parents of mixed gender. Ancestors of females helped create today’s world. Insert the aircraft carrier metaphor here—social change is slow. Feminists desire for irrational change is infuriating. Testicles make testosterone; which, increases sex drive and violent tendencies. Feminist claim to be smart; why don’t they understand simple concepts? Remedy watch Æon Flux and try to understand the concept of complementary pairs, in the diagram above. Quit making me think the domineering religions—may have it right.

If I put something about clots, in my novel, it is because the dude who created Æon Flux inspired me. The name, Æon Flux, refers to the flow from god. I’m Agnostic;  by the way, not gnostic. The philosophy is interesting and seems more compatible to Eastern religions. John the Baptist was gnostic, for sure; which, leads me to believe Jesus preached something similar to the diagram above. Yes, I am saying Catholics persecuted people who most likely followed Christ’s teachings.


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