PhotoFunia Philos-aphilos

Philos-aphilos means “love in hate” and my novel began with this thought. I have many Romeo and Juliet’s in my ancestry, but my novel took on other aspects  that overshadowed my original intent. Stephen King recommends waiting for the final drafts to develop your larger themes. I’m trying to focus on individual words. I mentioned clots–in my last post and I want to explore my thoughts on the word.

The families of Romeo and Juliet are blockages—they are clots; which. can damage the heart. Clots block flow and as I mentioned in my last post, Aeon Flux refers to flow. My main character has a heart problem, so suspect I can I can blame blood clots for the problem. I’m to the point that I only want to make slight tweaks, but one killer line would come in handy.

I used the Photufunia app to make the image and the Philosaphilos is in the fact that I hate the feel of chalk.


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