28% of Congress is Catholic and support Pope Frances even though the Pope approved of the pedophile priest coverup—they have it on video tape. Pope Francis also made an Inquisitor a saint and they support this evil, too.

You can vote against your religious leader by leaving the Church and you can vote against political leader by voting against. Personally, I would like to beat the living crap out of leaders that can’t see the simple right and wrong of the Pop[e’s actions. The Pope played the political system in Columbia and he want think twice about playing the system here.

Any of you politicians want a fight come and get me, I know there isn’t a man among you. Bring your bodyguards and your Secret Service with you because real men wouldn’t protect you. The Pope is playing both sides of the gay issue because he’s louse that only cares for one thing—the power of the Roman Catholic Church.

The media hype for the Pope still has me fuming. Small religion isn’t a problem—big religion needs to go. Big Religion is always ran by a true devil, no offence to the devil, he can’t be near as bad. I hope this is my last piece on this subject, but my research for the book showed how bad Big Religion is and I don’t pull punches when I’m dealing with a monster. Catholics don’t vote out their leaders like an intelligent and democratic religion they have no business running a democratic country, if they can understand simple principles.


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