Dune’s House of Atreides, descends from the cursed House of Atreus; Dune is Sci-Fi and the latter is Greek mythology. Philos-aphilos means “love in hate” and you can say it applies to the Atreides-Harkonnen relationship. My novel is based on my ancestry’s curse—the curse of philos-aphilos. I’m of Huguenot and Catholic blood; plus, Native American blood; they all collided in Florida. The reason for my original allusion to Dune came due to my use of a drug to access the genetic past. I didn’t realize this philos-aphilos existed—kismet, I guess.

The trilogy, by Aeschylus, is normally called the Oresteia. I need to allude to the House of Atreus, in some way. The weird names make allusions difficult; mythology’s complexity is a mixed blessing. Orestes killed his mother Clytemnestra whose mother was Leda by way of Zeus the Swan. Helen of Troy is a basis for one of my character’s, and Helen is Clytemnestra’s sister. Making a sister to my Helen-based character may work best.

Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson wrote the books shown; they act as preludes. My novel is sort of acts as an unofficial prelude. My novel depicts a crazier version of the Bene Gesserit and an imperfect spice; the world of today is my setting. I based my cult on the Greek Mystery cults. Herbert and Anderson should consider doing the same.


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