Actors are more than one person and a deity in mythology is often known by more than one name. The characters in my book have more than one name; plus, they often have deities attached to them. Readers don’t know what writers know and confusion may reign.

One thing I’m trying to refine is the keyword strategy of my novel and characters often act as keywords. In the Hunger Games—the arena is the key-phrase. Does it surprise you that “the ring” in the most common phrase in the Lord of the Rings? J. K. Rowling jackhammers the names of her three main characters into your head.

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny is what you see in the image above because one of my characters is a Johnny Depp fanatic and she has these posters hanging all over. My main character sees himself as Depp, in his dreams. I did this because Depp grew up in Florida and relates to the state, in many ways. Florida has linguistic links to Flora, the goddess. I write about a fertility cult, so I have a very phallic theme.

I might add a few, ‘what the f___’ interjections into my novel; that’s pretty phallic. Another thing I may alter is the way other characters refer to my main character. Characters need definition. My main character’s name matters less than who I need for the readers to perceive him to be.


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