Feminists call their stance–humanist; I see many reasons to disagree. The money paid to the cast of American Hustle became news today. Jennifer Lawrence found out she made less than the male stars, but she was not the headline star of the film, Jeremy Renner’s salary is the only on that should be compared in value to Lawrence. Did Renner just have a better agent and what was their marketable value at the time?

Lawrence is obviously advantaged over most people and I’m sure she has an agent who helps make the deals. Could she have just toughened up her negotiations without the Feminist rhetoric. I thought she chose the uglier mask. Will it change her value?

Entertainment has value, but is the 20+ million dollars given to each of the stars, too much? Are sociopaths too advantaged in this society? Wall Street does not own all the sociopaths.

Groupism; such as Feminism is a theme of my novel. Groups often wear costumes and accessories, so a kink to my new emphasis on masks—seems plausible. Feminists want to hide behind a humanist mask, but Humanists look at all sides of the gender equation. Humanists don’t wear masks.


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