The smiley face on the sun and the moon takes away any mysticism I may see in the Voynich manuscript. My intent was not to embarrass the person who tried to interest me in their idea about the manuscript. I did not approve the comments for the sake of his or her privacy. I’m sorry if the manuscript looks more like a storyboard for a fantasy novel than a real mystic find. The History Channel and other media channels make. a habit of passing poor scholarship as true history. My comment about crap was addressed to those who prefer to dupe rather than enlighten.

The page opposite this one shows dark objects obscuring the human figures and a smiley face moon, so it obviously symbolizes night.  If you examine the text; you will find a lot of repetition; which, leads me to the text means nothing or it involves chants—I’m betting nothing. In Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, fake Hieroglyphica was used. Elements of Sci-fi and Fantasy are ancient; portals into dreams are of common occurrence. I can’t say the Voynich manuscript was a purposeful hoax, but healthy skepticism is an advisable trait.

I gave thought to alluding to the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, in my novel. The name translates to Poliphilo’s Strife of Love in a Dream and I see it as doable if I drop the character’s name from the title. The personification of the sun and moon is common in mythology and folklore. I may give one character  a Sailor Moon skirt to allude to the Bunny on the moon to make note of one personification.


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