Baubo (left) and Rangda (right) are two different types of the crone archetype. Rangda is a demon queen of Bali and Baubo is the bawdy jester who brought a smile to the Greek goddess, Demeter. In the center is the funniest picture—a woman scares a demon with her lady-parts.

Short women can probably masquerade as Baubo without much problem. A dwarf needs nothing more than an oversized mask. I spend time imagining how the ancient Mystery Cults work and the dwarf idea seemed a good choice. For the purpose of my book—it is a great idea. Doing a Sheela Na Gig, like in the middle picture, may get you arrested for indecent exposure.

Baubo and Sheela Na Gig play a part in the new origin story of my fictional fertility cult. Ranga may make the cut, too.

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