Erik, the phantom of the opera, takes Christine, his love—back and beneath the stage. Hades takes Persephone into the underworld.

Demonization of the name Hades misleads people from his true persona—Hades is fertility god. He and Persephone to give bloom to the fruits of the earth. The Phantom takes Christine to make beautiful music; their songs are their fruit.

Rape in mythology is not rape, as we know it—it just means a flower got plucked by a god and compares more to a Superstar and a star-struck groupie. Persephone is probably the rock star in this family of gods because she goes on tour for six months of the year and other six months, she spends time with Hades beneath the sheets  Hades and Erik, the Phantom, live in a cellar.

I used the Parabiago Plate to represent Hades and Persephone coupling to create the fruits of the earth, but the plate shows other aspects of the ancient Mystery cults. The plate appears to mix mythologies, but the symbols matter more than the names of the players. I wanted. I wanted to use an image capturing the eroticism that I see in Hades-Persephone myth but I just didn’t see one that matched what I saw.


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