the tempest-horz

The Tempest by William Shakespeare makes use of a masque scene and it appears to express that a king and queen marry for other reasons than love—it is about making an heir to the throne. Pluto (Hades) and Proserpina (Persephone) are mated by Cupid in order to produce the fruits of the earth. I wonder if Shakespeare used the Roman names for the gods for what the proser, in Proserpina means—it means writer of prose.

Marriage between Kings and Queens is often a game of thrones—it is chess. I’m writing a new piece for my novel; which, concerns these subjects and it will take masque form.

The piece on the right comes from the Parabiago Plate; which, shows a Pluto-Proserpina type couple and the fruits of the earth. I marked a humorous fertility symbol on this excerpt.