I’ve tried to figure this out for years and I finally thought up a reasonable answer. I thought it might have to with me being a preemie, but I never thought of a combo package. I went from isolation to a home with a hyperactive brother who my mom made note of how he tormented me in the cradle any chance he got. She told one story about how I latched onto one of his fingers with my mouth and wouldn’t let go. A defensive action by a baby

I hope this helps someone, but there is no cure—only lies from what I see. Maybe by posting this someone will think to take preventive measures. I can’t really blame my brother because he was a little kid and my did try to control him. Mary Woronov thinks her premature birth hurt her socially, too. Many preemies may come out okay, but you may need a bum luck combo platter.

I haven’t seen much good from talking about my social problem, so usually don’t. Maybe four or five of my posts show reflection about my problem, so please don’t follow me for more insight because I doubt much else will come. I’ve nerve been any different, so I knew it was something I was born with or happened before any memories of mine. Things my mother said gave me clues. It just took time to add the two together. But going between the two extremes of isolation and big brother does seem psychologically damaging.

One last thing, the term ‘selective mutism’ never fit me very well. I was just mute.


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