Hollywood is a joke. You have so many great stories, in history and we get crap. Theodora was an Empress and she was known for staging a Leda and Swan routine, in the buff; she also spent time as a courtesan and there does seem to be evidence that she enjoyed sex very much.

Cicciolina was a pornstar and she spent a term in Italy’s Parliament; she also tried to make peace with Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden by offering her body. Why she serves the evil empire I know as the Roman Catholic Church, I will never know. The Vatican was in the news today and trying to hide its evil ways. There are many other religions that better match her spirit. Sorry, I drift. I mentioned her because she should get a cameo role if they ever do A Theodora movie.

Theodora played a role in my fictional fertility cult, but the changes I’m making will reduce her role. When my brain kicks in again, I will put the second half of my chapter together. Theodora may still get a mention. I wonder if Cicciolina  ever visited Caligula’s erection at St. Peter’s Square—yes it is there, look it up for a laugh.

One last thing, swans are very powerful creatures and cha do great harm. Do not perform Theodora’s stunt; I suspect it is against the law and I repeat it is dangerous. It would be interesting to see how a movie would CGI the scene. I’m sure most thoughts of bestiality seem ick, but I think most would consider such a swan scene as high art.

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